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French filmmaker Eric Rohmer (1920-2010) was the director of such classics of French cinema as My Night at Maud’s, Love in the Afternoon, Pauline at the Beach, and Summer (Le rayon vert).

A former novelist and teacher of French and German literature, Mr. Rohmer emphasized the spoken and written word in his films at a time when tastes — thanks in no small part to his own pioneering writing on Alfred Hitchcock and Howard Hawks in the film journal Cahiers du cinema— had begun to shift from literary adaptations to genre films grounded in strong visual styles.

Rohmer was legendary for his ability to predict (and some say influence) the weather he needed to suit the demands of his films. Cinematographer and frequent collaborator Nestor Almendros tells several stories in his autobiography about how Rohmer’s careful research and meticulous planning resulted in exactly the weather he needed on the day of filming.

This website is dedicated to spreading the message about Eric Rohmer’s films and the director’s own abilities to predict and influence the weather for filming, so that other filmmakers may ask his intercession on behalf of their own movie projects.


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