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Nominate Eric Rohmer for Sainthood!

The late filmmaker Eric Rohmer was legendary for his ability to predict the weather in order to suit his filmmaking needs. Thousands of filmmakers have prayed to this great man on behalf of their own projects in order to ensure fair skies and cooperative weather on set.

Help us to make it even easier for people of faith to ask for climatory intercession on behalf of their films by nominating Eric Rohmer for sainthood in the Catholic Church.¬†According to the Catholic Laws for the Causes of Saints, any “member of the People of God” can nominate a person for sainthood. That means any Catholic can suggest a saint, and you would start by talking to the local bishop.

Follow this link for a list of addresses of Catholic bishops in the United States. Then, write to your local bishop, asking him to nominate Eric Rohmer for beatification by the Catholic Church.